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2019 - 2020 Prices per thousand leaflets


​The prices shown are new for 2019 and will come into effect for all orders recieved on or after the first of April.



Please note that all the  prices quoted are VAT free.



Size of Leaflet


We charge by the thickness of your leaflet/brochure, as its size affects how many we can fit into the racks and stands.

The size of your leaflet is calculated by how many pages thick the leaflet is when folded (not by how many printed sides or the size of the leaflet  when unfolded). So if you have an A4 page folded in half, this equates to 2 pages. If this is folded in half again, it will become 4 pages, and so on.




                                                            Single page                         £43.50 

                                                            2-4 pages                            £51.00

                                                            5-10 pages                          £57.50

                                                            11-16 pages                        £65.50

                                                            17-22 pages                        £71.50

                                                            23-28 pages                        £77.50

                                                            29-34pages                         £85.00

                                                            35-40 pages                        £91.00


Please note there is a minimum charge of 1,000 leaflets. For leaflets of more than 40 pages please contact us for a specific quote.