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More than 80 local arts organisations ranging from small arts groups through to the main cultural organisations use the service on a regular basis to distribute 400,000 pieces of promotional material each year, so that local people and visitors can easily find out what is happening in Norwich, Norfolk and North Suffolk.


Charges are very modest and depend on the size of the printed items and the number to be distributed.



          All leaflets should be delivered to:


                        Arts Roundup,

                        The Guildhall,

                        Gaol Hill,


                        NR2 1JS.





All orders need to be placed via the online order form, when orders are placed online, you will automatically be emailed a copy of your order form. You will need to print a hard copy of the order form and bring it with you.


Opening hours at the Guildhall are: Tuesday: 9am to 12:30 and Thursday: 9am to 12:30.  Unfortunately orders cannot be left in the Guildhall lobby outside of these hours any more. The new landlord at the Guildhall has insisted that boxes cannot be left and any found will be disposed of.  If you want to deliver your leaflets outside of our opening hours please contact us to arrange a time convenient for both yourself and us.  It may be possible to for us to collect you leaflets, If you want us to collect, please phone or email so that arrangements can be made.




We have a minimum order of 1000 leaflets. Orders with a quantity less than this will be charged for 1000 leaflets. However there is no minimum charge on extra orders of the same leaflet.




We will invoice 7 days after after the leaflets are received at the Guildhall.  Your leaflets will begin being distributed immediately (unless otherwise requested).  Following receipt of your invoice, payment is requested within 30 days via BACS or Cheque, payable to Arts Roundup.




Orders received on a Tuesday will start to be distributed that week, and deliveries received on a Thursday will be distributed the following week. It is best to deliver 8 weeks prior to the event for maximum impact, but we recommend no less than 6 weeks.


If you can’t see your leaflets in the racks, these may be some of the causes

Usually this is a good thing; it means that your leaflets are popular and will be replenished shortly.

Sometimes other leaflets have been picked up and placed in front of their leaflets. This is always put right when we replenish racks


We have a 3-week rotation system. Most city racks are done every week, and the county racks are usually done every other week. Some city racks are done daily.


All your material will continue to be distributed until we either run out of stock, your preferred end date is reached, or for a maximum period of 12 months from receipt of your order.


You can call or email  us to see how well your leaflet is going and whether we need more supplied. Due to the delivery shedules the Guildhall is only manned two days a week, but please leave a message and we will get back to you.